I’ve guided thousands of people through breathwork sessions over the past 20 years. Yet, it took me a long time to consciously understand something I intuitively knew at a soul level:

Breathwork is all about intimacy.

When we tune into our breath, we can explore our emotions, body sensations, and energy in a safe and sacred space. Breathwork is a way to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level. And yes, that involves connecting with erotic energy, too.

But…our culture likes to complicate things, doesn’t it?

Intimacy is often ascribed solely to sex, especially when the term “erotic energy” comes up. Because of the deep programming we’ve all been subjected to, we often deny ourselves the experience of pleasure and certain feelings within the body, labeling pleasure, intimacy, and erotic life force energy as taboo.

I refuse to do that.

Now that I fully grasp the connection between all life force energies, and how strengthening intimacy leads us toward an inspired life, I work with my clients to normalize what society says is taboo.

Connecting to Pleasure; Connecting to Ourselves

Society views pleasure as something sexual, but it’s not. It’s simply a sensation and state of being.

I first realized this when I became aware of the intimate energy surrounding me and my clients during breathwork sessions. As I witness them and hold space for them, I feel incredibly intimate with my clients because of the energetic space we create together.

At the end of sessions, we typically close with a long, loving hug because we’re so connected in that moment.

Experiencing intimacy in breathwork sessions with my clients shook me awake! And I experienced my great “aha” moment by discovering Erotic BlueprintsTM.

I was shocked I hadn’t seen the connection earlier. How had I not explored erotic energy as a holistic coach? Why was I just now awakening to the power of intimacy?

I knew immediately that I needed to add intimacy coaching to my Modality Toolbox. Ignoring erotic life force energy for so long was a glaring omission. It’s a beautiful and magnetic energy that makes up who we are as spiritual beings in human form.

With a new focus, I dove into learning becoming an Erotic BlueprintsTM coach. I also joined the Somatica Institute to become a sex and relationship coach. A fire had been lit inside me because I wanted to approach intimacy from all angles.

As I took more trainings, something amazing happened: I connected with the beautiful unfolding that happens when pleasure is embraced and integrated into our lives.

When we allow ourselves to feel pleasure in all of its forms, we open to intimacy.

When we open to intimacy, we experience life in a way we never imagined. And when we combine breathwork with intimacy, we create a space for healing and true connection.

Truly powerful stuff.

Why Does a Breathworker Coach Intimacy?

Coaching intimacy has become a modality I’m so incredibly passionate about because I see the transformation it brings to my clients again and again.

We aren’t taught how to be emotionally intimate with ourselves, so most of us grow up disconnected and lost. And we don’t give ourselves much pleasure. Yet, our bodies are wired for pleasure.

Think of it as sensual mindfulness. By embracing pleasure, you give yourself permission to feel everything that’s wonderful about life, whether that’s savoring the softness of a blanket or enjoying music when you need to shift your nervous system to a calmer state. It could also be allowing yourself the pleasure of feeling erotic energy even without acting on it.

Our conditioning has made us believe that anything erotic must equal sex (or lead to it). But since it’s a life force energy, erotic energy is not dependent on somebody else. It’s only meant to be experienced, no action required.

Whether erotic energy comes up in breathwork or elsewhere, when we gift ourselves the pleasure of enjoying the sensations, it can be very freeing and healing. It’s a sense of aliveness that you can simply appreciate without an agenda.

Erotic energy is yours to enjoy however you wish. Use it to experience yourself in new and fresh ways, deepen intimacy with self, or use it to explore connection and pleasure with another.

This life force energy doesn’t fit inside a box, and I’m excited every time I help one of my clients connect to that.

If developing intimacy and awakening yourself to pleasure is something that resonates with you, I’d love to sit down for a free 15-minute discovery session. Just send me a message and we’ll chat! paynegwen@gmail.com