Gwen is the ideal guide for an inner journey through breath and music. She gently and patiently observed as my soul traveled along the guided path at its own pace and vibration. It was truly a powerful and positive experience!

-Private Breathwork Client

Gwen, thank you for teaching me how to stay focused and to say yes to ONLY what I truly want in my life. What a HUGE gift it has been.

-Passion Test Client

Gwen Payne is a vital, gifted human being who has the profound ability to hold a phenomenal healing space. She is an adept facilitator in a number of different transformational healing modalities and is passionate about all of them.
I have most recently been working with her remotely, using her specific version of Family Constellation therapy and I see stunning unmissable change impacting my life as a result. I love working with Gwen! She is intuitive, capable, fun and lovely, in addition to being highly experienced. She is a powerful healing force and I recommend working with her wholeheartedly!

-Family Constellations Client

I am forever grateful to Gwen Payne for her “Breath is Prayer” Breathwork training. You my friend are an incredible educator. The space you held for all of us created the perfect container for us to learn in such a powerful yet gentle way. Breathwork to me is one of the most powerful modalities there is when you are seeking the truth of your inner self. Thank you for taking me there as a client and a student. I am forever grateful for you and the amazing work that you do!!

-Breath is Prayer Training Participant

Kundalini yoga is such a tangible experience of energy flowing through the body and beyond. Gwen is an inspiring example of this flow of energy. She has embodied knowledge and experience of moving energy and holds a safe conscious space for us to do the same. The pace and structure of her class right down to the conscious choice of music, allow for a transformation and deep release to occur. I always feel energized and expansive after her class, yet peaceful and grounded at the same time.

-Kundalini Yoga Client

Gwen’s Ecstatic Dances are hard to put into words because each experience is different. Ultimately what happens is that you feel your energy move from quiet to fun and funky to deeply inward, not necessarily in that order! Somehow you get exactly what you need and it’s always fun because the music inspires and moves you throughout the whole class. Gwen’s dances are a real infusion of deep, funky, mystical and healing. Gwen, through her gifted facilitation, has the ability to connect us all while, at the same time, supporting us in having our own personal experience!

-Ecstatic Dance Client

Gwen Payne is an extraordinary human being… she is passionate about vibrantly healthy lifestyles and a catalyst for transformation. She is clear and authentic, generously sharing her radically Self- empowered truth. Find a way to meet her! : ) I love the passion test, family constellations, and the breathwork… thank you Gwen

-Inspired Foundations Client

Gwen Payne is a gifted healer. She has the insight to feel what a person needs and to tailor her work with that person accordingly. She has given me intangible gifts that I know I will keep forever. She is patient, intuitive, wise, and, most importantly, open-hearted. I recommend her services to you without reservation.

-Inspired Foundations Client

“I had the privilege of working with Gwen as my mentor during a period of time where I was just beginning to practice facilitating breathwork in a 1:1 setting.

She was an invaluable asset to me and helped guide and support me to cultivate the confidence I needed to step into further leadership and to hold safer space for people. Without her I would not have grown as quickly as I did and my practice would have  been a long time in the making.

Our weekly check in’s brought me a lot of clarity and I felt like I could ask her anything and she would guide me with such grace. It was clear that Gwen has an incredible amount of experience working with people especially facilitating breathwork, specifically in small groups and individual settings, which is not often taught when you are trained as a facilitator.

Her expertise and wisdom in these areas changed the game for me and I definitely attribute my success in part to having her as my mentor through the pivotal moments of my growth as a leader, facilitator, space holder and business owner.

Nothing will prepare you to step into the unknown with people and breathe them into  deeper connection with themselves. All you can do is practice and get better. Hence why mentorship for this modality is very key to being a successful facilitator.

- Breathwork Mentor Client

I felt all my senses come alive for the first time in a very long time.  I reveled in the peace that settled on me with a knowingness that my life was just starting on the track where it belongs!

-Breath is Prayer Ceremony Participant

I laughed. I cried…. I realized that I AM SAFE and I’m doing things to make myself feel safe that are actually creating obstacles for me to realizing true happiness within.

-Breath is Prayer Ceremony Participant

Breathwork took me to incredible places within my soul, pointing out my true friends and helping me heal from too much hurt that had happened to me over my life.  Tears, tears, and more tears, I cried releasing all the hurt, anger, and pain I carried for myself and others.

-Breath is Prayer Ceremony Participant

Thank you so much for yesterday’s breathwork class.  It was such a wonderful, safe deep dive into my subconscious mind. I have had chronic fatigue for the last several years and the breathwork has really helped me connect with my highest self.  I have noticed more clarity and energy in this past week.  I am truly grateful for this experience.

-Breath is Prayer Ceremony Participant

What an absolutely beautiful experience. It’s a blessing to be so free and alive looking down upon myself and cradling myself in the moment of my own sovereignty. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Gwen! You’re a gift to all of us who experienced being held by you, while I was being shown my truth.

-Breath is Prayer Ceremony Participant

I have never experienced any plant medicine journey as significant as Breathwork. It connects me to higher councils and of course opens the grand vistas and multi-dimensional viewpoint of my highest self. 

-Breath is Prayer Ceremony Participant

I have experienced quite a few breathwork sessions in my time, but this past one with Gwen on her Sunday ‘Breath Is Prayer’ Zoom Call was by far the biggest breakthrough I have had to date. As Gwen’s magical playlist of music and incredible spoken facilitation guided my journey, the emotional release simply poured out of me.

I felt wave after wave of pent up frustration and bitterness simply melt away and I was left with the perfectly simple and profound feeling of finally saying YES to this beautiful life I have been gifted. Thank you ever so much Gwen! I am in deep gratitude to you and can’t wait for your next Sunday’s session.

- Breathwork Mentor Client