I love the expression of life in all of its forms. There’s so much to learn and discover, and I have a thirst to keep expanding within myself. I’m always searching for new learning opportunities because I love being in a stimulating environment. That’s how I discovered the four modalities I work with: Breath Is Prayer, The Passion Test, Family Constellations, Erotic Blueprints™.

From all of my years of training, personal growth, and working with others as a holistic healing facilitator, I’ve learned something very important: there is no one fix for everybody.

What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next, so I operate in tandem with each modality. This enables me to meet a client where they are and work in a way that resonates.

That being said, using the four modalities together creates a powerful transformation. I’ve experienced it myself. Flowing between them is like exploring the different layers of energy, releasing blockages bit by bit, and integrating insights by shifting between them.

This is what I call synergistic healing.

Let’s look at each modality first and then explore how they play off each other.

Breath Is Prayer

Breathwork has been with me the longest on my personal growth journey. I love how powerful breathing is because it reveals the subtle energies that often get overlooked. During a Breathwork Ceremony, I guide clients into a place of stillness, encouraging them to feel and experience whatever gets revealed. Then I help them breathe into it. This is the true power of breathwork: breathing into our insights and pain.

The Passion Test

We all have passions, but they get buried beneath everyday responsibilities. The Passion Test is deceptively simple and yet it shakes everything up! I help clients uncover their top five passions and then we work together so they stay connected to those passions each day. Sound simple? It is! And yet it’s life-changing. Working with this modality brings to the surface a deeper knowledge of what we truly desire and need in the moment.

Family Constellations

Many people don’t stop to reflect on how their family influenced their beliefs and ingrained patterns, and yet we all experience problems that have been passed down through generations without us even realizing it. By physically working with an altar, I encourage clients to play and explore. Altars are amazing tools to visually reveal and release stuck energy within yourself or your family system.

Erotic Blueprints™

This modality was a huge discovery for me. Erotic energy is another life force energy, and yet I had been ignoring it for so long. When I discovered Erotic Blueprints™, I discovered a new self-expression and way to know myself. Now, I help individuals and couples explore their own erotic “languages” as part of living a more authentic holistic lifestyle.

Working In Tandem With the Modalities

Here’s the fun part. I’ve seen amazing growth in clients when we use the four modalities in tandem, letting them play and build off of each other. Working exclusively with one will still create significant change, but our energetic bodies have multiple, complex layers. One modality addresses certain layers and aspects. So, integrating all four helps us move between the layers, revealing and releasing, moving to new areas, and then coming back to others as needed.

Let’s dive deeper.

I discovered the power of working in tandem by asking myself questions and by letting myself play. Play frees our spirit. I started thinking, ‘What would happen if I stopped focusing on one modality at a time and moved between them? What if I started with The Passion Test and then did Family Constellations around my passions? And then used breathwork to process insights?

The results were wow.

Every session is different and every client is different, but here’s an example of how the modalities might influence each other.

The Passion Test brings up deeper truths in a cognitive way. Family Constellations can then reveal where the blockages are for what we really desire (our passions) because our blockages often don’t start with us. A lot of times they’re inherited from our family of origin or they might be created culturally.

As we reveal hidden challenges and obstacles, a lot of emotions arise, intense emotions that can take root in the body and create strong sensations. That’s where breathwork comes in. We can breathe through the emotions and physically move any suppressed energy.

Finally, Erotic Blueprints™ can get us more in touch with our bodies and the expression of pleasure. As we breathe into pain and release it, we can then pull in joy and the erotic energy that keeps us grounded.

From there we might go back to Family constellations or The Passion Test. By flowing between the different modalities, your energy also flows and changes, pushing you to deeper levels of insight and healing.

Like I said, it’s synergistic.

When you approach a problem from only one angle, you can only make so much progress. By working in tandem, you’re constantly changing your perspective, uncovering and releasing more than you would by focusing on only one point of view.

I can’t let the feeling of staleness live inside me. I personally move through the four modalities constantly because there’s always more to learn and uncover and integrate.

I refuse to live any other way.

Wherever you are on your journey, let’s talk about it. Simply send me a message for a 15-minute discovery session.