If you’ve been an avid reader of my other blogs, you probably know one fact about me: I’m big on learning. I take a ton of courses because I simply crave knowledge. Over the years, I’ve taken so many trainings I’ve lost count. But I’m always amazed that I will still encounter a course or workshop that simply blows my mind.

And it happened again recently.

During a workshop (which is transitioning into a longer coaching program), I had an eye-opening realization that has transformed the way I view my work and my own personal development. But more than that, it’s made me rethink the very foundations of success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the endless pursuit of more—more courses, more skills, more, well, everything—this is your opportunity to pause and refocus on what truly builds success from the ground up.

Let’s explore how setting the right foundations can transform the way we approach our careers, our passions, and our lives. If you’re at a crossroads or just starting out, consider this an invitation to think differently about how to achieve your dreams.

The Eye-Opening Workshop

It all started when I decided to take a business workshop from Laura at Divine Feminine Yoga. She’s a local coach who helps guide women who are holistic entrepreneurs. I had known her for a while, and when she mentioned the workshop, I thought, “Why not? It couldn’t hurt.”

Well, that decision would lead to a hugely powerful experience for me!

I found myself becoming increasingly impassioned the more I listened to Laura talk about business—not just as a trade but as an essential part of any holistic practice.

That’s when I had an epiphany: I realized that people don’t need to spend 20 years taking different trainings like I did. When I was just starting out as a breathwork facilitator, I lacked confidence and thought that increasing my skills and what I could offer would lead to more clients.

Wrong again.

Even though I don’t regret my journey and I love everything that I do, it was a revelation to discover that it’s not enough to simply be good at what you do. You also need to have a strong understanding of business. And this principle applies not just to entrepreneurship, but to any endeavor in life. Without a solid foundation, even the most impressive skills and offerings can crumble.

Laura shared her own story of launching several successful businesses that, despite their initial success, weren’t financially sustainable. These repeated failures fueled her intense drive to pursue a business education, ultimately leading her to find her niche as a business coach for women holistic entrepreneurs.

Now she’s passionate about supporting other women entrepreneurs and helping them create sustainable practices.

Her story is a powerful reminder that the foundations we build, whether in our careers, relationships, or personal growth, are what ultimately determine our ability to get through everything that comes up in our journey. It’s not about having the most impressive tool belt, but about having a strong, stable core to use those tools.

The Importance of Foundational Coaching

One of the biggest takeaways from Laura’s workshop was the importance of finding the right coaching program for what you need, one that focuses on the foundations instead of trying to skip ahead to all of the flashy things. For me, I’ve been working on growing my practice, so I’ve really been reaching out to business coaches over the past few years. And I realized that the coaches I had worked with in the past had given me fish (not literally!) instead of teaching me how to fish. They provided good ideas in the moment, but didn’t equip me with the foundational skills and knowledge I needed to truly thrive. So, I continued to struggle.

This principle applies to all areas of life. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationships, advance your career, or cultivate personal growth, it’s essential to seek out guidance that helps you build a strong foundation. Quick fixes and surface-level solutions might provide temporary relief, but they won’t sustain you in the long run.

That’s why I’m so thrilled with the business coaching program I’m currently enrolled in—for the first time, I’m getting the fishing pole! It’s a major revelation, similar to how transformative Erotic Blueprints were for me in my work as a Life & Intimacy coach. By focusing on the foundations, I’m developing the core strength and skills to navigate any challenge that comes my way.

Integrating Foundational Work into All Areas of Life

Here’s the truth: there’s no separation between the foundations we build in our business, our relationships, and our personal growth. They’re all interconnected, and by strengthening one area, we strengthen them all.

It’s about becoming more accountable and responsible in all aspects of our lives. It’s about developing the core skills and mindsets. And it feels exciting and new, because it’s a different way of approaching growth and success.

So as I continue to incorporate what I’m learning about business into my breathwork facilitation training (if you’re interested in that, check it out here), I invite you to consider how you can focus on the foundations in your own life. Where might you need to go back to basics, to build a stronger core? What foundational skills and mindsets could transform the way you approach your career, your relationships, your personal growth?

A Message to My Younger Self (and to You)

If I could go back and give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to pursue foundational coaching and training (in my case, business) right after that first breathwork training I took 23 years ago. I would encourage her (and you) to start by learning the core skills and mindsets that translate to success in any area of life, because those are the things that will sustain you through any challenge, especially with joy and confidence.

My insight for you today is that it’s not about acquiring a variety of superficial tools for your “tool belt” ASAP. Whenever you start something new, of course it’s exciting and you’re pumped up to get started, but jumping in too fast without building a strong foundation can hurt you in the long run. The goal is sustainability and thriving, not just surviving.

If you only have so much time, money, and energy for training and personal development, invest it in learning about the foundational stuff first. Grow your core strength and skills, and then move forward with specifics.

An Invitation to Grow from the Ground Up

As I embark on this new chapter of personal and professional growth, I invite you to join me on this journey. If you’ve been considering breathwork facilitation training or if you need life and intimacy coaching, I encourage you to schedule a discovery call with me. We can talk about where you are in life, your dreams, goals—anything you like!

But more than that, I invite you to think differently about how you approach growth and success in all areas of your life. I invite you to focus on the foundations, to build from the ground up, so that you can create something truly long-term and fulfilling.

Remember, sometimes you don’t need extensive training. It’s about finding that one thing that truly elevates you to a new level. For me, that’s been the unexpected gift of business coaching. What might it be for you?

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Also, if you’d like to explore Laura’s offerings, I invite you to check out her free mini-course: UNLEASH Goddess Abundance, Holistic Healer’s Guide.