H​ave you ever thought about going deeper into your Breathwork experience? Or do you ever feel called to lead others?

Is a Breath is Prayer Training Right For You?

Breath is Prayer Training is catered it to the individual. Even though there’s a group program and a group mentorship that follows to receive certification, the group is still run with the individual in mind. Sometimes people go through the program for their own personal experience.

After having done thousands of individual Breathwork sessions and hundreds of group sessions over the past twenty years, I have a flow down that has taken me years to perfect. It doesn’t mean I do it the same way each time. But there are so many shortcuts that I’ve learned through trial and error -what to say and what not to say to create (or not create) openings for people. A lot of what I share is this flow and these shortcuts.

In training, we take one bite-sized piece at a time, starting by taking an individual through a session. We role-play. I share my flow of how to move through an entire session. I start with opening the door and greeting the client. Then I show you how to bring your client into the room so that the client feels comfortable.

It’s minute details like that that make Breath is Prayer Training so effective.

It seems so obvious but it can create such a huge sense of safety when we bring the client in, tell them exactly where to sit, and everything is laid out for them.

Not everybody has that down.

It can take years to learn these details. Or I can share these practices with you in the training.

W​hat’s Involved In Breath is Prayer Training?

Level one training is where we focus on how to conduct a one-on-one session. By the time we’re finished, we put the whole flow together, and you can literally take someone through a one-on-one session. You have the embodied experience of taking somebody through an individual session so that when you go to practice with family, friends, or clients, you have the confidence to do that.

I​’ve done a lot of trainings over the years. Much of the time, the information is there but the embodiment isn’t, so you don’t gain the confidence to practice. You might watch a facilitator conduct a session, but more is needed to be effective. When you take my Breath is Prayer Training, you gain confidence and empowerment because learning comes by doing.

The confidence to practice and learn is the biggest piece. You could have all the logistics and details in the world, but if you’ve never practiced, it’s a significant hurdle to get over.

Level two training is a similar process but designed for groups. Each student has the chance to greet the group at the door, bring them into the space, etc., until everyone has taken the group through a session.

For me it’s so rewarding watching you, as a student, go through that process and feel the joy that comes with it.

As I said, learning comes by doing. That’s why I have the mentorship program. The immersion at the beginning – whether it’s a group or individual – is to walk them through a session. After that, there’s a 3-month mentorship program involving a weekly call, where we talk about what came up for you in a practice session with somebody or in a group. You can share your experience. Ask a question. Celebrate a win…

Because everybody else is on the call, you learn from your own experience and answers, and you benefit from hearing other people’s experiences. It’s a deep, rich learning environment.

Level one takes place over 3.5 days. There’s one day between levels where we talk about languaging, and touch, then level two follows.

Does Everyone Become a Facilitator?

Most people want to be a facilitator. Occasionally, someone wants to do level one for themselves. By doing so, you enrich your own Breathwork practice, learn more about what’s happening within your own body of experiences and learn how to go deeper. You also gain confidence in yourself by breaking through a barrier: by holding space for somebody else.

With regard to mentorship, sometimes people haven’t done my first two levels, but wish to be mentored after having completed another Breathwork training. They come to me for mentorship because they don’t have the self-assurance to practice. They have a certificate, but they’re shy.

If that is you, that’s totally okay.

When you join my mentorship program, you’ll discover a support system. It’s a profound learning environment that will expound on what you’ve already done.

I​f you’d like to learn more, please feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.