If you’re like how I was at the start of 2023, you’re not sure what “focus words” are. Are they buzzwords? Something you meditate on? An obscure way to say New Year’s resolutions?

Before we dive into talking about them, let me tell you the story of how I discovered this wonderful practice.

At the beginning of last year (2023), somebody sent me an email with a fun word search puzzle. Instead of needing to “solve” the puzzle, though, you’re supposed to glance at it and make note of the first three words you see. Whatever the first three words are that you see, that’s your focal point for the year—your “focus words.”

The words I saw were Love, Connection, and Breakthrough. Since I had never used focus words, I was receptive to seeing how the year went, keeping them in mind.

Let me tell you, they really inspired me! Since I had them in the back of my mind, I noticed that I was making choices in alignment with the energy of those words. Thoughts of Love, Connection, and Breakthrough encouraged me to dive deep into my own relationship blocks and the wounds I still carried involving my connections to others. As the year progressed, I was guided to work with a variety of mentors and I participated in different programs that tackled my blocks (a big one revolved around communication), bringing me into a greater love and connection with those closest to me. I definitely had plenty of breakthroughs!

Come December, I could see how Love, Connection, and Breakthrough was my overall “theme” for 2023. And I realized I really loved the process of picking focus words as a way to align myself with where I was in my journey.

To sum it up, focus words are specific words that represent your intentions and priorities for the year. They serve as a guide for your actions, decisions, and goals. Unlike traditional New Year’s resolutions that can feel rigid and limiting, focus words offer more fluidity because they can manifest in a lot of ways.

For me, my 2023 focus words nudged me toward learning material that would help me make breakthroughs. But if, for example, you have Connection as a focus word, it could manifest in a desire to have a deeper conversation with someone, strengthening your bond, or it could guide you into a deeper connection with nature, inspiring you to take more hikes.

Focus words are meant to be a source of inspiration and direction, rather than strict rules or mandates. And if you start to feel “off” or disconnected with Self and your goals for the year, you can simply take a moment to think about your focus words and listen to whatever comes up.

Choosing Your Focus Words

This year, I didn’t have a word search to work with, so I just chose the words that came to mind and felt aligned. After setting up a quiet place where I could breathe and relax without being disturbed for a while, I got quiet and really listened.

The words didn’t come right away; they actually didn’t even come to me when I sat down with the intention to find them. But once my intention was set, the words revealed themselves over a period of time. It wasn’t instant. So if you sit down and no words come to mind, breathe into it and give yourself some space. Don’t force it, just let them arrive naturally when the time is right.

You may wake up one morning with a word in your head, or you may be reading something and a word stands out to you. However it happens, just be receptive and let the aligned focus words come to you.

My three words for 2024 are Confidence, Focus, and Joy. At first, I actually wasn’t thrilled about them! I thought, “Oh, you know, this doesn’t quite have the same ring as Love, Connection, and Breakthrough.” But I realized I was judging them and not allowing myself to process what Self was telling me. The more I sat with those three words, the more I knew they were correct. When I removed all expectations that they needed to sound “cool” like last year’s, I knew they were the right words—they were connected to my inner wisdom.

I also saw how they arose from Love, Connection, and Breakthrough. The energy I extended in 2023 and the focus I put into prioritizing the work I needed to do, which enabled me to receive my relationships in a deeper way, led me to Confidence, Focus, and Joy. With these focus words as a foundation, I’m now pivoting toward the mindset of “this is the year I’m really going to get things done in my business.”

Before I get into that, let’s go over the process of choosing focus words so you can discover yours for this year:

  1. Get into a calm and receptive state.
  2. Set the intention to find your focus words.
  3. Allow the words to naturally reveal themselves to you over time.
  4. Don’t judge or force the words, just accept whatever comes up as your inner wisdom speaking.
  5. Take note of your chosen focus words and reflect on how they connect to your intentions and goals for the year.
  6. Use your focus words as a guiding force throughout the year, allowing them to inspire and direct your actions and decisions.
  7. Revisit your focus words regularly to stay connected with them and make any necessary adjustments or shifts in direction.

This is my process, but I want to emphasize that you can do whatever works for you. I like three words, but you can pick just one if that feels better. However, I encourage you not to choose more than three because you don’t want to get overwhelmed—the point is to have a narrow focus. So, you can pick one, two, or three to work with.

Some people also like reading through a list of words and circling the ones that resonate.

Here’s my offering to you: I selected 55 focus words I love to help you get started. You might pick something from this list or different words may come to you as you read through it. Either way, click here to download the quick guide of 55 focus words for 2024.

Strengthening My Business with Confidence, Focus, and Joy

After some reflection (and my work with Trevor Justice, who I’ll talk about in a bit), I realized that my focus words for 2024 are guiding me to really strengthen my business this year and expand my offerings and reach.

“Focus” is telling me that I need to work on my discipline and commitment to leveling up my business. I’ve done it in short bursts in the past because I simply love to show up and work with people, often putting the business side of what I do on the back burner. So this year is about giving my business the focus it deserves so I can build Confidence with that aspect of my work.

And “Joy” is about maintaining a balance in my life—trying to bring pleasure into every day and working with my passions, no matter how they might fluctuate. Whatever I do, my intention is to make sure I don’t lose my connection to Joy.

With all of that in mind, I’m excited to share with you my vision for this year!

I’m in the process of creating meditation libraries, which will later expand into breathwork libraries. This means my meditations and breathwork will have a dedicated space online for everyone to access. Connected to this, I’ll be working on more content for YouTube and social media, so I can continue to build a community around breathwork and my modalities.

Also, I’m working on a membership for individuals who enjoy attending my Breath Is Prayer ceremonies and who want to come to breathe weekly or bi-weekly. In the future, this platform will also serve as a promotional platform for my students.

Finally, I’ll be creating a signature workshop so people have an opportunity to work with me in a group setting. This will be a low-cost way to get a feel for my coaching process without any pressure to commit.

Sound like a lot? It is! But with Confidence, Focus, and Joy, I feel it’s all doable.

Will You Come Along on the Journey with Me?

I’m sharing my plans for the year as a way of inviting you along for the ride, so you can participate in what I’m building. Together, we can create a beautiful, thriving community that brings healing and guidance to everyone.

One of my biggest inspirations to be more open with talking about my business is Trevor Justice. I’m part of his community and it has been such a rewarding experience.

If you don’t know him, he’s an entrepreneur and mentor at heart, who brings with him an impressive history of business knowledge. Trevor is a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist and has worked with a lot of high-profile clients. With such an established track record of success, Trevor’s insights and guidance are invaluable for elevating my business.

To learn more, you can visit his website here.

Intentional Living

Let’s wrap everything up by circling back to focus words. First, download my free guide of 55 Focus Words for 2024. After going through the list to get inspired, pick the word or words that most resonate with you, or sit with intention for a few days and let the words come.

Then, hold the word/words in your mind throughout the year. Let them become a force in everything you do, grounding your goals, influencing your choices, and directing your progress. Let them inspire mindfulness and push you toward growth. Finally, let them help you to fully embrace this year, serving as a gentle guide for intentional living.

As always, if you have any questions or need guidance, you can book a free 15-minute Discovery Session with me so we can chat.