It came to me. I kept turning it away, but it came to me and it came to me and I finally said yes.

In fact, I said yes easier than I would have expected.

W​hat did I say yes to?


I said yes to being a trainer for Breathwork facilitators.

Breathwork Teaches Us How to Say Yes to Life.

When you practice breathwork, it shows you how to say yes to what’s coming in. How to let go of your resistance to what is here and what wants to move through you.

What I arrived at this year, after all these years of practicing, is that we’re here to be conduits for life, love and spirit. Whether we’re doing so in the actual breathing or, in my case, when people are knocking on our door, saying, “Hey, I hear you’ve got a great breathwork training…”

Getting Out of Your Own Way

H​ow can you get out of your own way?

You can focus on your breathing. You can allow the flow to happen in a physical, visceral way.

When somebody says, “Hey, I hear you do a breathwork training,” and my first thought is, no and my body contracts, I could inhale, pause, let go of my resistance and see what’s here in the moment. And what’s here in the moment might be a yes. I may also notice some fear.

Can I be with that fear?

We can equate that with the process of breathing. The key is to o​pen ourselves up to that.

An example of this is a new breath immersion training I’m doing strictly online. (For obvious reasons.) It’s something I’ve never done before, but that I decided to say yes to. Because it’s brand-new, I’m offering it at half price.

I have no doubt there’ll be a learning curve. But I like to be authentic and vulnerable. I’m curious and excited. This is a new experience for me, as well. There may even be glitches!

I was inspired to do this by the people that have been lighting a fire under my butt 😉

I never sought to be a teacher or to train others. I did it because people insisted. It first started off in small groups in my office and developed from there.

I​t’s similar with people saying, “Please do an online training.”

The first time I agreed to do a training I discovered that I absolutely loved it. I’ve kind of let life guide me in this way. I kept getting people asking me and asking me and asking me to teach and I would say no, no, no because I didn’t have a program, nor the time nor energy to devote to creating one.

But the universe just kept knocking on my door.

And then it banged…

A woman said to me, “I heard that you do the best breathwork trainings in town,” and I thought “Oh that’s interesting, because I’ve never done any!”

But when she said that I thought, “I’m finally just going to say yes.”

I​t was so effortless.

A​nd then, as I sat in the training, it was such a flow.

I​t was effortless. I literally couldn’t make myself prepare for it. I would think, “What am I doing? I don’t even have anything written down. I don’t have anything prepared.”

I just showed up and it all flowed.

My training has evolved. I have gotten a little more structured with it. But it’s the same premise of saying yes to life which is what breathwork teaches.

In my case, someone was banging on my door saying, “Do an online training.” So here I am. I’m doing an online training and I’m excited now!

L​earning to Say Yes

There was a point when I wanted to have more male clients because it was predominantly women that came to me (that has since changed to about a 60/40 split). I wanted to find an entire group of men. So I approached a men’s group and one of the leaders was uncomfortable with the idea.

He said, “It’s a men’s group because we don’t feel comfortable with women facilitating us. I don’t think the men are going to want this.”

I replied, “​What if I could create a container and a sense of safety for the men. There could be tremendous healing in that regard. What if we could learn that it is safe to be held by someone of the opposite gender?”

He begrudgingly went to his men’s group. They were all for it and it was a beautiful experience.

L​earning how to say yes opens doors that we never knew were there. If you’d like help learning to say yes to life, please feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to help.