Keeping Breathwork Intimate: meeting you where you’re at to help you grow (part two)

So you’ve had a profound experience in the Breath is Prayer Facilitator training. We’ve done some deep work based on what you needed as an individual.

N​ow what?

My Mentorship Program.

I have a new group of mentees that’s happening right now, so it’s fresh for me. It’s kind of a similar format as the Breath is Prayer Facilitator training, in that somebody might bring something they’re dealing with to the table in a Mentor Meeting. Questions that don’t typically get covered in a curriculum that has been planned out ahead of time.

While it’s not equal time divided for everybody in the Mentor Meeting, everybody’s going to learn, no matter what.

Somebody might come in not having done anything yet; somebody might come in having done ten sessions. Of course, I’m going to work with that person. Everybody’s going to learn from it. The person who hasn’t done anything yet is going to be hugely inspired, reinvigorated, to go back out and do their practice sessions.

It’s never going to be the same person always bringing things to the table.

I meet people and groups where they are. That, in and of itself, is rich in that different people are going to sometimes shine or sometimes need support and there’s room and space for that to happen.

At the same time, I always have things that I can bring to the table for the Mentor Meeting. Let’s say everybody showed up, and they had nothing to say. That has never happened, but I am always armed with all kinds of topics and conversations we can have.

I didn’t even realize how much I knew until I became a Mentor in a program and people were asking me, “What happens with this? What happens with that?”

These are the kinds of questions that don’t typically get covered in a curriculum, because in most Breathwork trainings it’s teach, teach, teach, teach, teach, teach … and then people go out and practice and the course is over.

And so people are not having a chance to come back and say, “Oh, but this happened.”

Recently, one of my mentees said to me, “God, I’m so grateful for this, because my sessions have been going great, but there are so many little things that come up, that I’m thinking, ‘Oh, should I do this? Oh wait, how do I handle that?’”

You know, it’s not even always the big stuff and my whole point is let’s not reinvent the wheel. I’ve done 20 years of sessions. I can tell you…

“Don’t say that word, say this one instead.”

It can save you huge amounts of time. This is the whole point of taking a Breathwork Facilitator training from somebody who’s experienced. In my mind, why should you have to figure out all the same thing that took me forever to figure out.

Let me shorten the curve for you and give you comprehensive feedback.

One of the best trainings I ever got was my Passion Test training. One of the elements of feedback that they shared was that, there have been studies done with sports teams giving positive feedback vs negative feedback. What they discovered is that the teams receiving positive feedback exceled.  The reason being, we all give ourselves negative feedback, anyway. We know what we could do better, right?

So, at first in my trainings, I was only giving people positive feedback.

Recently, I gave myself permission to give more comprehensive feedback.

Not like, “Oh, you did this wrong…” but to step into a fuller feedback, typically centering around the ways in which they are holding themselves back. Trusting what I had to share would help them. Not just in facilitating, but in life. And what I discovered is it benefited them hugely and it not only benefited the person receiving it… again, it benefited the whole group.

And it was never diminishing; just possibilities of doing things a different way.

It wasn’t saying, “Oh, you should have,” or anything like that. It was the possibility of phrasing it differently. A reflection of their body posture, or the tone of their voice. So, I gained more confidence in myself—real trust in myself—that what I had to say was of value. And I realized that this is probably the bigger gift that I’m giving them.

I’m not an ascended guru by any means.

I’m still refining and finding my own way and my own process through these five years of training people. Really, continuing to find my own ahas.

A​nd I’d be honoured to support you in becoming your own best self and Breath is Prayer Facilitator using my curriculum and unique approach to individualized support within the group.

I​f you’d like to know more about either my Breath is Prayer Facilitator program or my Mentorship program, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach me at: