Is this the life I want to lead? Do I want to work this mind-numbing job? Do I want to be in an environment that doesn’t feel good just for the paycheck?

We all have plenty of adjusting to do in our lives on a continual basis, and dare I say it, an abundance of things we could be or are worrying about. Especially right now.

We are at a time where we, as a society, can reinvent ourselves – collectively and individually. We are at a time where we can potentially rebuild structures and ways of being to lead a more authentic life. 

We can learn to follow the guidance within, that is always available to us. This guidance is not static but very alive and very different from how we’ve been brought up to follow the road that was laid out for us. Not many people ever question this road…

…but that’s where our freedom lays!

Question everything! 

Is this really where I want to be in my life? Is this what I want to be doing?

This is where the Passion Test comes in. 

It shakes us up – our ideas, beliefs, assumptions – and we learn to honor our inherent guidance system. We listen to our deeper knowing about what’s important and we learn to prioritize that!

Finding our passions and pursuing them is not what we’re taught. It’s not part of the notion of what we should be doing with our lives.

But… are you leading a fulfilled life?

In a global survey conducted in 2017, only 13% of people answered yes.

For many of us, there is so much more to life than how we’ve been living it.

Through the Passion Test, we have an opportunity to live in a more fulfilled way. When we do, it impacts our health, our families – the world at large – in a positive way.

What would the world be like if everyone did this?

The Passion Test is deceptively simple. It uses a few phrases that you complete, then you go through a comparison and end up with five passions. Why five? Neuroscientists have determined that we can only focus on five things simultaneously at any one time in our lives. 

These top five feel right. There’s a sense of settling, excitement or hope.

Afterward, I take people through very specific steps I’ve come up with to stay connected with those five passions consistently. I help people let go of the notion that we have to invest huge amounts of time into our passions. Why? Because we tend to put things off until we have time. What happens with that? 

It just doesn’t ever happen.

Instead, we work on our passions on a daily basis – we place our attention on them in small ways. Even just five minutes per day adds up.

And we feel more nourished.

I’ve had clients come to me because they couldn’t stand their job. They were sure that by doing the Passion Test, a new job would present itself. However, career didn’t come into the top five. 

What does this tell us? To let go of any stories we’ve been obsessing over. These stories sap our energy and stress us out. We need to put the artificial decision making process aside. We learn to set aside any questions for six months, commit to living these passions and see what happens.

At the end of six months, having tapped into their passions and feeling more fulfilled, these clients may realize that their job isn’t that bad!

If you’re starving yourself of things that feed you, chances are life isn’t going to be so good.

As Abraham says, “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!”

If we’re feeling happier, more fulfilled, nourished, alive… it’s empowering. We step into what we really want instead of allowing ourselves to be deterred by emotions, other people’s beliefs, etc. The more we do it, the more empowered we feel.

It’s a process of learning about ourselves.

There are some passions that are short-lived. A burst of energy. A stepping stone to something else. Some things may not come up in the top five because they’ve been assimilated. Other passions stay long-term but are never the same. They evolve.

Regardless, it’s life-changing.

As we work it, we start to give ourselves permission. Permission is the big piece. Some people have a strong emotional response. They haven’t been giving themselves permission so it’s exciting, scary… giving ourselves permission is HUGE!

I discovered the Passion Test when I was in survival mode, barely making enough money to pay bills and raise my children. I was focussed on daily minutia, struggling, stuck in the rat race. 

Then I went on a mini vacation, was sequestered off in a cabin and dove into the process. I created a vision of my life that I had never given myself permission to do. It had seemed out of reach. I had had vague longings, but felt overwhelmed by the weight of my life until then. 

By the time I went home, I felt excited, stimulated, positive. My vision was very different than what my life was at the time. I allowed myself to have the vision of doing transformational work full time. Within days of getting back, I was offered a job doing breathwork on writing retreats – I didn’t even know that existed! 

It wasn’t always easy to keep the vision alive, but the reward was incredible.

If this can happen for me, it can happen for anyone.

We have our own knowing. Our own gifts, life experiences, and passions – put them together and that is something completely unique nobody else can offer. The most authentic version of ourselves.

The Passion Test teaches self-care.

What is better self-care than to go for our authenticity?

A child raised in the right environment will go for what lights them up; excitement is our innate compass. But societal conditioning typically suppresses excitement.

Normally at the bottom of our priorities, the Passion Test will awaken that inner compass. 

So, it can be confronting. 

Are you willing to be confronted?

You have to want it. 

Only then will you come fully alive.

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash