Have you been feeling lost or scattered? Do you ever feel like you’re lacking a sense of purpose?

It’s time to give yourself permission to live fully!

When you book your Inspired Intro session, Gwen will help you go beyond the conditioning (unconscious beliefs that result in behavioral and emotional patterns) that’s keeping you stuck and start to uncover more truthful answers to your life’s questions. By drawing from a variety of modalities including Breathwork, Family Constellations, The Passion Test, Inspired Coaching, and Inspired Intimacy, Gwen will help you discover what lights you up and what’s not important to you, as well as the next steps you need to take in your life!

These effective, simple daily steps to energize the things you’d like to accomplish in your life are very practical and lead to greater self-awareness, connecting to your truth, and feeling empowered.

The Inspired Intro will leave you feeling back on track, aligned, and clear!

In the Inspired Intro session, you will:

  • Understand what is not working for you in your life
  • Determine the exact steps you need to take daily
  • Gain clarity, feel aligned and get back on track

A 2-hour session. Online or in person.

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