Embodied transformation for awakening to your purpose and true fulfillment.
Are you ready to take your life to a new level or in an entirely different direction? Are you ready to live an inspired life?
Through Inspired Creation, Gwen will take you through an in-depth coaching experience to support you in creating change. It is about experiencing embodied transformation. You will be guided to use various modalities at deeper and deeper levels to gain absolute clarity regarding the truths you need to embody, the direction in which to proceed, your purpose and the steps achieve it all. Over the course of time, and through coaching using a variety of methodologies to navigate challenges and issues that come up as well as goals that make you feel elated, you will embody the essence of the transformation you need. You will also possess the tools to continue the process of change. Ultimately, you will show up in a brand new way.

• Experience embodied transformation
• Learn how to apply the tools you learn to your daily life
• Show up the way you really want to

Twelve 1 to 1  1/2 hour sessions over 3 months. Combination Breathwork, Constellations Process, Inspired Coaching Online or in person. Direct email access.
Payment installments are offered on Inspired Creation. Deposit required upon booking.



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