Uncover the 3 most essential strategies for aligning with your authenticity and wholeness.
Do you have a significant issue in your life that you’d really like to change or heal?
Through the Inspired Foundation, Gwen will introduce you to three powerful modalities to create change and help you see things that you haven’t been able to previously. The three modalities are Coaching, Breathwork, and Family Constellations.
The coaching mindset will be maintained as you see things in a visual way that normally remain solely in your head (using physical objects via Family Constellations you will gain clarity, open to intuition, and reveal things formerly unrecognized. These things will help you get out of your head so you can see truths that you’ve not been allowing yourself to see. Through the addition of Breathwork, you will create an embodied practice – essentially, you will come to determine how it feels in the body, you will learn to receive and honor the truths that you discover.
• Experience 3 of the most powerful modalities for lasting transformation
• Discover deeper truths that have remained hidden to you
• Learn how to embody your truth and why that is essential for change
Three 1 to 1  1/2 hour Sessions: Combination Breathwork, Constellations Process, Inspired Coaching Online or in person.

Payments upon booking.



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