If you’ve been on this journey with me for a while, you know I’m always, always evolving. I’m always looking for new modalities to better serve myself and my clients, I’m always looking for something new to learn, and I’m always looking for more ways to build a bigger community around breathwork and intimacy coaching.

I’m entering a new phase of my work where I really want to help promote others and create more partnerships. So let’s talk about something we all know but maybe have mixed feelings about—networking.

I know. That word often conjures up images of awkward conversations and business card exchanges. But what if I told you it could be SO much more? You can network with heart, building a professional community of people that are more like family instead of a means to an end.

I’ve decided to embark on this journey of collaborative love, and I’m inviting you to join me. Let’s explore this topic together.

Collaboration and Networking with Heart

Traditional networking is usually making cold calls to people on a list, trying to get them to meet for lunch, and then talking about what you can do for each other’s businesses. Or, it’s looking for something to promote in exchange for money.

I’m not saying these methods are bad because businesses do them all the time, and traditional networking can be very effective in gaining visibility and boosting sales.

But…that cold exchange between people just doesn’t resonate with me. I’m on this planet to serve others—to inspire, to coach, to build loving communities that share conscious breath.

But…I also realize that business is, well, business. For any of us to financially support ourselves doing one of our passions, we have to embrace the business aspect of our service to others.

This past year, I’ve been focusing more and more on collaboration and it’s been leading me to create what I call my network family. These are people I love who have products or services I want to bring into the light—even if they offer the same services I do!

We live in a world where everyone is trying to make the most sales, get the most likes, and climb some metaphorical ladder. But why? Why can’t we simply help each other? After all, there’s room for everyone. Plus, when we support people we love and appreciate, we create a diversity of offerings that can help an even broader audience.

I’ve been doing breathwork and coaching for decades and I completely understand that my way of doing things doesn’t resonate with everyone. My focus is to help others, however they need to be helped, not push my offerings on someone when we’re not a good fit.

That’s why I’m committed to promoting anyone in my network, even if it’s another breathworker or life coach. My goal is to create an ecosystem of love, support, and meaningful work. Not competition. There’s already TOO much competition in the world. I like co-creating better 🙂

Collaborating with Rachel Dehler

I’m so excited to have Rachel Dehler from Sonder Breath in my network family. Rachel is a breathworker who took my facilitation training last year, and she’s gone on to build such a thriving business.

She’s not just any breathworker or business-savvy woman; she’s a beacon for turning passion into a successful practice. Out of 68,000 people, she was chosen to be on an entrepreneurial TV show and came in an incredible 12th place! The story of how she evolved from my trainee to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring.

We both wanted to collaborate with someone and realized we’re a perfect match—I have years of experience in the breathwork space and Rachel is incredible with the business side of things. We’re currently revising my breathwork facilitation training to strengthen the business module of it, and she has already given a few talks to members of my mentorship program (if you’re interested in learning how to facilitate breathwork, check out my offering here).

My Network Family

These are people I know, love, and want the absolute best for. And guess what? They want the same for me. Like Rachel, who went from being my trainee last year to running a thriving breathwork business today. These are people I trust and love—my network family. In fact, the best collaborations happen when both sides bring their whole selves to the table—both the strategic brain and the loving heart.

I’m going to start highlighting people in my network family more often. I may talk about their offerings or it may be a product, but it will always be something I feel strongly about. This isn’t about business; it’s about helping each other grow, enriching our communities, and spreading love and wisdom.

Keep an eye out for my improved Breath Is Prayer facilitation training. Rachel and I are incorporating business models that will be so helpful for you if you’re interested in learning to guide your own ceremonies. And if you’re a previous student, we have something special coming your way too.

See, networking doesn’t have to be all business cards and small talk. It can be filled with heart, and yes, intimacy.

Check out my offerings or book a free 15-minute Discovery Session so we can chat.