How often do you prioritize pleasure in your day-to-day life?

You come into life as a sensual, erotic being. But, if you’re like most people, it’s been conditioned out of you. Pleasure is somehow equated with sexuality or some luxury you can only allow every now and again, instead of it being an essential part of your life that nourishes you deeply. When considering a holistic lifestyle, it’s easy to think about yoga or Pilates. Or the food you eat.

There’s little consideration when it comes to expressing your erotic energy.

But erotic energy is life-force energy. It’s about a true intimacy—not just with your partner, but with yourself.

It’s about knowing who you are.

In an Inspired Intimacy Session, Gwen will work with you as an individual or as a couple to help you let go of that conditioning so you can step into the fullest expression of who you’re meant to be. Whether it’s relationship coaching, or helping you tap into your innate sensuality, Gwen will guide you to embody your authentic erotic expression, both in the bedroom and outside of it as an expression of your life energy.

Some benefits you may experience as a result:

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and your body
  • Create a deeper sense of connection and intimacy with yourself and your partner
  • Discover your Erotic Blueprint™
  • Live an inspired life.

Online or in person.

2-hour session $350

I am also offering options for multiple, shorter sessions so that we can work on a more continual basis.

Packages for couples:

5-pack of 1-hour sessions $830

10-pack of 1-hour sessions $1575

Additional information

Inspired Intimacy

2-hour / 1 person, 2-hour / couple, 4-pack / 1-hour, 10-pack / 1-hour


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