Do you understand the power of breath to create lasting change?

Do you feel called to share it with others?

Having experienced breathwork schools and programs worldwide, and having facilitated countless individuals and groups, Gwen brings a broad perspective as she shares everything she would have liked to have had in a program but didn’t necessarily find.

Students are immersed in experiential processes, role plays, and more. Gwen shares shortcuts and information in bite-sized chunks so it can be digested and embodied easily as you learn to work with individuals in level one training and then with groups in the level two training.

This certification process has strict adherence to specific requirements, including weekly mentor calls to ensure a thorough and embodied ability to teach and hold space.

This training is also a wonderful way to deepen your own practice even if you have no present inclination toward facilitation.

Learn from over two decades of experience and teachings

Experience a fully immersive program right from the very beginning

Receive one of the most comprehensive certifications offered

Breathwork Immersive training is held online and in person at the Inspired Sedona Venue in Sedona. Level one duration is 2.5 days. Level two duration is 2.5 days.

Deposit required upon registering, with full payment due a minimum of 1 week prior to the scheduled course.


Payments are made through Paypal, credit card or  Venmo.

I feel much resonance with how you work Gwen. The carefully chosen music, your huge PRESENCE all way through, your voice… I think I’m falling in love with your work ;))))) 

Gwen! You’re the BEST!!! Thank you!  Your guidance helped me find love and courage, and see fear and sadness and rage in amongst that in a very accepting way.  Thank you SOO much for all you do, XO

Thank you Gwen! For being here especially in these challenging times. We all need to feel a sense of being in this together.

Thank you. I think the group connection is very important. I went at my own pace. I found this very valuable. I will be back. Thank you Gwen