The thing with learning about yourself is that it’s a lifelong journey. You’re constantly evolving, so your understanding of yourself will also constantly evolve. And sometimes, you’ll need to take time to re-learn and deepen what you know about yourself.

For years, I haven’t felt completely attuned to what I call myself or how I label the work that I do. I integrate so many modalities, working with individuals and couples in a variety of ways, that I’ve struggled to come up with a title that really encompasses the energy of what I do.

But I’ve finally found it: I am a Life and Intimacy Coach!

This title resonates with me because it encapsulates the various modalities I use in my practice, along with something that’s important to me and informs everything I do: intimacy.

I chose ‘life coach’ because my work involves guiding people using whatever technique they need most, whether that’s The Passion Test, Family Constellations, Breathwork, Erotic Blueprints™, or one of my other modalities.

Then, I added in ‘intimacy coach’ because being able to connect with yourself and others is integral to leading a fulfilling and inspired life.

What’s unique about life and intimacy coaching is that it brings together self-exploration with interpersonal dynamics. I work with clients to explore how their relationships influence their current lives, and then help them learn the tools to deepen their existing connections or build new ones (including the connection with themselves). Ultimately, life and intimacy coaching helps people understand themselves better so they can create positive changes and live life more fully and authentically.

The Importance of Intimacy

Typically, when people hear the word ‘intimacy’ they think about sex. Well, I’m here to tell you that intimacy is not just about sex!

Yes, sex is one piece of intimacy. However, our cultural conditioning has equated the term ‘intimacy’ with ‘sexuality’ but it’s actually so much more.

Intimacy is the ability to remain present and connected to our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and inner guidance.

Intimacy is learning to witness and understand yourself first before you can connect fully with another.

Intimacy is listening to your life force energy and trusting yourself (your guidance) to know what you need most in every moment.

And intimacy is about growing your spirituality (whatever that means to you)—whether that’s connecting to nature, a higher power, or the universe.

Most people approach intimacy from the wrong end—they start by trying to build intimacy with their partners, ignoring intimacy with themselves. Unfortunately, that rarely works because, when you haven’t learned to be vulnerable with yourself, how could you possibly do so with someone else?

Most people are disconnected from their bodies, walking around in a state of emotional suppression while denying their erotic energy. They are not comfortable as erotic beings and don’t embrace all aspects of their life force energy, so they end up trying to improve their romantic relationships but never make progress.

Sometimes, we all just need someone else to help us take a step back and understand why we’re stuck.

Why Is Intimacy an Important Part of Life Coaching?

Though I’ve been a coach and healing practitioner for years, using a variety of modalities, one day I suddenly had a lightning bolt experience. Something suddenly clicked inside me, and I thought: “Oh, intimacy…How have I been omitting that in how I coach people to live more authentically?”

I still can’t tell you how I skipped over it for so long!

Working with sensual and erotic energy, however we choose to embody it, is an inherent part of coaching. Life isn’t just about our physical existence, but also about our emotional, spiritual, and sensual aspects too.

We must remember ourselves as multifaceted beings. Also, sensuality has nothing to do with sex. Many people are sensual during sex, but sex and sensuality are actually two separate things.

When we talk about cohesion, we must recognize the sensual parts of ourselves—the pleasure of our senses, feelings, and emotions. Too often, people become cut off from their sensuality, which can lead to feelings of disconnection and unfulfillment. Enjoying all of life’s pleasures greatly adds to our overall well-being.

Sensuality is a beautiful part of ourselves, and it is our birthright. Intimacy connects us to our sensuality, allowing us to fully embody everything that makes us unique and wonderful.

Life and Intimacy Coaching

Through life coaching, with an emphasis on intimacy, I focus on helping my clients bridge the relationship between their body, mind, emotions, and spirit to create meaningful connections in life.

And, if you couldn’t tell, I’m so passionate about intimacy! I love its power to help us become aware of our deepest needs and desires, express them freely, and listen to ourselves without judgment or fear. Intimacy work gives us the courage to step into life confidently so we can create meaningful relationships and experiences.

I’m always here if you need guidance! Book a free 15-minute Discovery Session so we can talk about where you are in life and where you’d like to be.