..5 Steps to restore confidence and hope in yourself.

Give yourself permission to live fully!

Have you been feeling lost or scattered?

Do you ever feel like you’re lacking a sense of purpose?

This is the reason to begin your coaching journey with Gwen and the Inspired Intro.


Through the Inspired Intro, Gwen will help you begin go beyond the conditioning (unconscious beliefs that result in behavioural and emotional patterns) that’s keeping you stuck and start to uncover more truthful answers to your life’s questions.

You will discover what is not important to you, and realize what lights you up as well as the next steps you need to take in your life!

These steps will be affective, simple daily steps to energize the top five things you’d like to accomplish in your life. These steps are very practical and lead to greater self-awareness, connecting to your truth, and feeling empowered.

The Inspired Intro will leave you feeling back on track, aligned and clear!

Understand what is not working for you in your life..

Determine the exact steps you need to take daily…

Gain clarity, feel aligned and get back on track….

A 2 hour session. –  Online or in person…..

Payment upon Booking!

Inspired Foundation

Uncover the 3 most essential strategies for aligning with your authenticity and wholeness.

Do you have a significant issue in your life that you’d really like to change or heal?

Through the Inspired Foundation, Gwen will introduce you to three powerful modalities to create change and help you see things that you haven’t been able to previously. The three modalities are Coaching, Breathwork and Family Constellation.

The coaching mindset will be maintained as you see things in a visual way that normally remain solely in your head (using physical objects via Family Constellation); you will gain clarity, open to intuition, and reveal things formerly unrecognized.

These things will help you get out of your head so you can see truths that you’ve not been allowing yourself to see. Through the addition of Breathwork, you will create an embodied practice – essentially, you will come to determine how it feels in the body, you will learn to receive and honour the truths that you discover.

• Experience 3 of the most powerful modalities for lasting transformation

• Discover deeper truths that have remained hidden to you

• Learn how embody your truth and why that is essential for change


Three 1 to 1 1/2 hour Sessions: Combination Breathwork, Constellations Process, Inspired Coaching Online or in person.

Payments upon booking.

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You are invited to book an one-on-one session by clicking HERE!

Immerse yourself and receive deep connection and self-awareness to revive your life.

Do you feel like you need a break? Are you yearning for a chance to recharge and get away from it all?

This is your opportunity to take a time out.

At Inspired Retreats, Gwen will take you through combination of modalities in individual or group settings tailored specifically to your needs.

You will use Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Yoga and more to move energy and learn how to express yourself authentically. This is your time to focus on you. To let go of daily life.

In these Inspired Retreats, you will learn how how to use transformative tools that you can continue to use for the rest of your life that result in heightened self-awareness, inspiration, connection and more.

So if you’ve been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or discouraged, this is the perfect setting and space to learn how to celebrate you and to give yourself what you really need.

  • Learn a combination of modalities to create change in a retreat setting
  • Discover how to express yourself authentically as you meet deeper needs
  • Experience feeling rejuvenated, enlivened and transformed

Group retreats can be scheduled throughout the year or you can customize your own individual retreat (couples and small groups welcome). Retreat duration is typically 4-8 hours per day over 2 to 5 days. Accommodations, meals and transportation are not included but recommendations are given. Catering upon request. Held at the Inspired Sedona Venue in Sedona.

24 hour cancellation policy required.

Deposit required upon booking, paid in full 1 month prior to retreat.

I feel much resonance with how you work Gwen. The carefully chosen music, your huge PRESENCE all way through, your voice… I think I’m falling in love with your work ;)))))

Gwen! You’re the BEST!!! Thank you!  Your guidance helped me find love and courage, and see fear and sadness and rage in amongst that in a very accepting way.  Thank you SOO much for all you do, XO

Thank you Gwen! For being here especially in these challenging times. We all need to feel a sense of being in this together.

Thank you. I think the group connection is very important. I went at my own pace. I found this very valuable. I will be back. Thank you Gwen

Ready to discover powerful tools to reignite the flames of passion as you reactivate your suppressed energy and choose a path honouring yourself and your purpose..

Determined to uncover truths about yourself, heal trauma, ease physical pain, and experience an energy unlike any you’ve ever known.

to learn what passion really is and connect to your heart as you reveal your top 
5 passions and receive the insight necessary to transform your life.

Feel called
to break through fear, pain, and other blockages that are holding you back.