Do you have emotional pain that you can’t seem to heal?

Have you ever noticed the same sorts of situations repeating themselves?

Imagine living a life where you experience true confidence and peace. Where you connect with the most authentic, empowered version of yourself.

That’s where the Breath is Prayer Ceremony comes in.

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality that provides insights and reveals beautiful aspects of us that we’ve kept hidden. Far too often, those insights and gifts are never claimed or properly integrated.

H​ow to Integrate a Breathwork Ceremony

I love when someone does a private session with me.


I get to help you integrate the experience.

I do this by this having you let go of the journey at the end and notice what’s left. I get you to notice what’s present in your heart. What emotional state or insight is there. That might be a state of peace. Or an acknowledgment of the grief process you’re in.

Whatever that is, it’s often the crown jewel of the whole experience. But it’s easy to overlook. I’ve noticed that the subtler the experiences are, the more people tend to dismiss them. Yet these experiences are often the most profound.

Learn to pause

We need to learn to pause in the Stillness. To be with whatever is there right at the end of the journey. And breathe into it. It can be a gentle breath, but it’s important to keep our focus there and to breathe into the truth we’ve uncovered.

I encourage people to take whatever they’ve learned about themselves in that moment and create an affirmation based on that.

Suppose you experienced an inner peace that you didn’t know was inside you. You may create an affirmation such as, “Peace is in me.”

It’s an affirmation to be said daily, but not because you want to feel something. It’s to remind yourself of something that already lives inside you, that you have now experienced for yourself. I help you create a touchstone, so that you can teach your mind this newly discovered or remembered truth. Because the way your mind perceives you is how you’re going to show up.

Our mind is filled with stories we learned in childhood. A lot of those stories aren’t true. Perhaps somebody told us something about ourselves. Maybe our culture told us something. Maybe we made something up about ourselves based on how people were treating us.

Let’s say we’ve decided we’re an anxious person. That’s how we’re going to show up.

But what if that anxious person were to experience profound peace? What if they were to substitute the story of, “I am an anxious person,” with, “Peace is within me?”

I invite you, then, to imagine how you would show up differently in your life if you knew that what you were experiencing was always within you. The ceremony doesn’t create something that wasn’t already there. It peels away illusions, those false stories.

The experience is the launching point for a medicine we take with us in our day to day lives. That’s what we use our phrase for. We dwell upon our experience.

Sometimes that can be within the journey, itself, as well. Let’s say we see ourselves flying in the air during the journey, and we experience freedom. That experience of flying is a reflection of the freedom that’s within us. The breathwork allowed us to notice the freedom that is, in fact, innate.

Breathwork shows you who you truly are

It shows you what is already within you.

We make medicine out of the breathwork. We write down our journey and re-read it. We create a ritual to teach our mind because our mind learns through repetition. We teach our mind more supportive, empowering, uplifting perceptions. We might also notice the physical body, the contrast between how relaxed we might feel during the ceremony and the state of tension we are typically living in. And that contrast gives us a reference point, we come back to our natural state more easily.

S​et the Intention

It’s critical to set the intention to stay with whatever you are feeling at the end of the ceremony. To stay with that presence and then slowly open your eyes, and bring that connection with you. Make a game of it. How long can you stay with the peace? Or joy? Or grief?

Can you move from that place of peace? What would that feel like?

Give yourself time after the breathwork to move back out into your life from that base and keep checking in – is that expansiveness still there? Keep staying present to it with your eyes open.

​Return to Wholeness

What if your heart was never broken? What if the defenses and pain are there… but the heart, itself, can never be touched? With breathwork you’re bringing the scattered, disconnected, abandoned parts of yourself back to wholeness.

It’s the greatest gift.

Knowing how to integrate a breathwork ceremony can be difficult when you try to do so alone. I​f you’d like help to integrate your journey, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help.